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Photo Courtesy of: Quails’ Gate Winery

Quails’ Gate Winery

Address: 3303 Boucherie Rd, Kelowna, BC V1Z 2H3, Canada Main Phone: (250) 769-4451 Visit the Quails’ Gate Winery Website View Quails’ Gate Winery on Google Latitude: 49.8427389 Longitude: -119.5661944

Did you know that Quails’ Gate Winery rates 4.4/5 based on 991 total ratings?

Reviews for Quails’ Gate Winery
Sidney Brown Sidney Brown 4/5 a week ago Classy place, holds up to its reputation. This is one of the most reliable places to check out top level wines. For me especially the Old Vines Foch, a grape that is pretty much not grown any more, its a dark red full of flavor, a bit on the rustic side. if you like buy one as you won’t find this grape anywhere else. Generally all the wines are good at Quail’s Gate, the view is inviting and if you an afford it the Restaurant is always a special experience with awesome atmosphere, this time just a fun tasting with friends. We left happy ! A well run business.
Lori Sahebkar Lori Sahebkar 5/5 a month ago Went for a wine tasting and dinner over the Easter weekend. Paolo and Louise in the tasting room were a wealth of knowledge and were able to provide so much information about Quail’s Gate wines as well as general overall pointers on tasting and serving wine. Such a wonderful tasting and learning experience for our group. Dinner in the restaurant was fabulous. Martin, our server for the evening, was excellent. Very attentive without being intrusive, very knowledgeable about the food and recommendations, and overall he helped provide an amazing dining experience for us. Can’t say enough about how fabulous the food was. We were entertaining a relative from Iran, she found the afternoon and evening to be absolutely wonderful due largely in part to the staff. Thank you Martin, Paolo and Louise.
Carlos Pan Carlos Pan 5/5 2 weeks ago Food was perfect! Everything was extraordinarily delicious and well executed. Plating was good, wine was good too. Nothing to complain. Would be perfect if they make the sour dough bread complementary. But it’s fine. Easily the best restaurant in a winery in the region.
Photo Courtesy of: The View Winery & Vineyard

The View Winery & Vineyard

Address: 2287 Ward Rd, Kelowna, BC V1W 4R5, Canada Main Phone: (250) 860-0742 Visit the The View Winery & Vineyard Website View The View Winery & Vineyard on Google Latitude: 49.8450865 Longitude: -119.4386705

Did you know that The View Winery & Vineyard rates 4.6/5 based on 145 total ratings?

Reviews for The View Winery & Vineyard
Wendy Jordan-Olive Wendy Jordan-Olive 5/5 a month ago I felt very comfortable as soon as we walked in to the View. All of the staff were very friendly and welcoming. I would definitely recommend you try the signature estate package. This was a great Mothers day gift.
Jon Dyck Jon Dyck 5/5 in the last week This winery is a must visit. The wine is truly amazing as well as their ciders. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. They make you feel comfortable during your tasting.
Hands in Service Hands in Service 5/5 a year ago The View Winery and Wards Cider has the best of both worlds. No one should have to choose between wine and cider! Beautiful location with kind and knowledgeable staff! I highly reccomend going for a tasting!
Photo Courtesy of: Sandhill Wines

Sandhill Wines

Address: 1125 Richter St, Kelowna, BC V1Y 2K6, Canada Main Phone: (250) 979-4211 Visit the Sandhill Wines Website View Sandhill Wines on Google Latitude: 49.8948064 Longitude: -119.4879215

Did you know that Sandhill Wines rates 4.2/5 based on 150 total ratings?

Reviews for Sandhill Wines
Laura Carolina Laura Carolina 4/5 2 weeks ago Four tasters from their White Label series for $10; five of their Small Lots wines for $20. Spacious tasting area with both tables and couches. Knowledgeable servers. (Though their dress code could be improved.)
Conner Clarke Conner Clarke 1/5 2 months ago I don’t usually leave negative reviews but was very disappointed. Our host must have had a really bad day or something as she seemed extremely burdened and annoyed by our presence. Not friendly or helpful at all. Wine didn’t taste very good either. Nice venue, but would suggest they hire new or train their staff better.
Dan Smith Dan Smith 2/5 2 months ago Advertise walk ins welcome….so we walked in…as no reservations required. Tasting bar empty…5-7 people seated…had no room for 2 of us???? Was told reservations booked for rest of the afternoon.. We later looked and they were still taking reservations on line???…clearly didnt want our business…
Photo Courtesy of: Volcanic Hills Estate Winery

Volcanic Hills Estate Winery

Address: 2845 Boucherie Rd, Kelowna, BC V1Z 2G6, Canada Main Phone: (778) 755-5550 Visit the Volcanic Hills Estate Winery Website View Volcanic Hills Estate Winery on Google Latitude: 49.8558513 Longitude: -119.5552111

Did you know that Volcanic Hills Estate Winery rates 4.2/5 based on 171 total ratings?

Reviews for Volcanic Hills Estate Winery
Morgan Retzloff Morgan Retzloff 5/5 9 months ago A very good Winery experience. We went for a tasting on 2021SEP11. The only wine I wasn’t a fan of was the chardonnay, however the rest were a 10/10. They have a very beautiful view of their fields. I will definitely be back here next time I visit the Okanogan. I would say this Winery is a must go to stop!
Charles Brisebois Charles Brisebois 5/5 a year ago The wine was decent, the place wasn’t packed yet, the staff was good, but they bagged the wrong bottle and I drove 4 hours home just to discover the mistake. Now I’m stuck with a bottle I didn’t want in the first place and I don’t have the one I wanted. Edit: Forgot to come back here and edit my review. Owner shipped me the bottle I was supposed to get right to my house at no cost, AND I got to keep the other one. Both excellent wines, and you gotta respect a business owner who owns up to their mistakes. I give props and up to 5 stars you guys go in my book!
Emily van Gils Emily van Gils 5/5 10 months ago I’ve always loved Volcanic Hills wine! Either there’s something in that soil or the wine maker just tickles my taste buds in the right way.
Photo Courtesy of: The Vibrant Vine Winery

The Vibrant Vine Winery

Address: 3240 Pooley Rd, Kelowna, BC V1W 4G7, Canada Main Phone: (778) 478-4153 Visit the The Vibrant Vine Winery Website View The Vibrant Vine Winery on Google Latitude: 49.8604949 Longitude: -119.4115497

Did you know that The Vibrant Vine Winery rates 4.7/5 based on 299 total ratings?

Reviews for The Vibrant Vine Winery
Julia Smithers Julia Smithers 4/5 9 months ago This place is crazy in a good way. They hand you 3D glasses when you walk in, and you can enjoy all of the insane artwork around the building. Kamryn lead our wine tasting and was so great. She spoke clearly, and you can tell she took her job seriously while also having a good time. Be prepared for very specific food pairing ideas from her, she will make you hungry!
bahram maleki bahram maleki 4/5 a year ago Where the Art and Wine are mixed
Andrew Bentley Andrew Bentley 5/5 10 months ago This review goes to Laura. We were a group of 3 guys yesterday that came in for a wine tasting. Laura was fantastic and was very knowledgeable about the property. She let us try a couple more red wines as she found out we liked reds more and then we decided to purchase 2 bottles! Kudos to the whole team for making us feel so special and welcoming :)
Photo Courtesy of: Tantalus Vineyards

Tantalus Vineyards

Address: 1670 DeHart Rd, Kelowna, BC V1W 4N6, Canada Main Phone: (250) 764-0078 Visit the Tantalus Vineyards Website View Tantalus Vineyards on Google Latitude: 49.8330769 Longitude: -119.4561194

Did you know that Tantalus Vineyards rates 4.5/5 based on 173 total ratings?

Reviews for Tantalus Vineyards
Ally Timlick Ally Timlick 5/5 3 weeks ago We had an amazing experience at tantalus. Our server, Amanda, was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all of our questions. She was very knowledgeable, friendly and bubbly. Would highly recommend for all level of wine tasters.
David Aliverti David Aliverti 4/5 9 months ago Good wine & service based on previous experience, however disappointed this visit on 2021-08-28. Hours of operation are until 6pm. I was there 5 minutes before it closed and they stated their rule was no tasting after 5:30pm. This would be a good information to post on the website. They allowed me to purchased, however after biking 12km including a couple of them uphill, hard to bike hike with a bottle of wine. Had, I know this I would have picked a different location or left early. Disappointed.
Cassandra Preece Cassandra Preece 5/5 3 months ago We traveled all the way from Ontario this fall and this was one of our many stops while in wine country! Out of all the wineries we went to this by far had the best customer service! Our tasting server went above and beyond for us- she was so knowledgable and catered to all preferences, not to mention let us try more wines than we were supposed to. We had such a great experience that we ended up shipping 12 bottles back to Ontario! I only wish we could order more, we will just have to come back next year!
Photo Courtesy of: Kitsch Wines

Kitsch Wines

Address: 3330 Neid Rd, Kelowna, BC V1W 4H5, Canada Main Phone: (250) 864-6404 Visit the Kitsch Wines Website View Kitsch Wines on Google Latitude: 49.860737 Longitude: -119.428631

Did you know that Kitsch Wines rates 4.6/5 based on 180 total ratings?

Reviews for Kitsch Wines
Mr. Fried Chicken Mr. Fried Chicken 5/5 a month ago Are you coming back this year with an expansion into restaurant business and a new winery? Just curious 🧐 Edit: sorry about the 3 star… changed it to 5!
Reggie Nemirsky Reggie Nemirsky 5/5 a year ago Beautifull place great staff and marvelous wines
Agatha Wiebe Agatha Wiebe 5/5 10 months ago Absolutely amazing!! Very homey feel. Very good service. Had an amazing experience here. Would recommend this!!
Photo Courtesy of: Frequency Winery

Frequency Winery

Address: 3210 Gulley Rd, Kelowna, BC V1W 4E5, Canada Main Phone: (604) 715-2197 Visit the Frequency Winery Website View Frequency Winery on Google Latitude: 49.8413939 Longitude: -119.4101975

Did you know that Frequency Winery rates 4.7/5 based on 61 total ratings?

Reviews for Frequency Winery
Paul Mathers Paul Mathers 5/5 10 months ago Really had a great experience with Harley! Loved the wines and the story behind the place. Very happy leaving and cannot wait to be back 😃
Emily van Gils Emily van Gils 4/5 10 months ago Not a bad place to visit! The frequency demo of the salt making geometic patterns was really cool. I like the idea behind it. I was not the hugest fan of the winery itself, but I would visit again.
TasteFull Excursions TasteFull Excursions 4/5 10 months ago Small winery with friendly service and a funky musical theme.
Photo Courtesy of: Jennifer M

SpearHead Winery

Address: 3950 Spiers Rd, Kelowna, BC V1W 4B3, Canada Main Phone: (250) 763-7777 Visit the SpearHead Winery Website View SpearHead Winery on Google Latitude: 49.8396483 Longitude: -119.4300571

Did you know that SpearHead Winery rates 4.5/5 based on 76 total ratings?

Reviews for SpearHead Winery
Nadene Kuhn Nadene Kuhn 5/5 a month ago Even with going early in the season the vista was wonderful. The staff during our tasting were great! Knowledgeable and engaging, all around an enjoyable experience.
Kristen Garner Kristen Garner 5/5 10 months ago Awesome experience with awesome people! My boyfriend and I stopped by the other day and loved everything we tried. It was busy when we rolled up, but the staff were able to squeeze us in and were very kind. Beautiful location. B-E-A-YOOTIFUL wines! Try the 2020 Rosé, it’s to die for!
John Wall John Wall 4/5 11 months ago Foodie Friday was a great exsperiance. Live music, good wine and the food truck served up excellent fair even when they where slammed with orders. I highly recommend the exsperiance as it feels like you are far away from city life. My only recommendation would be for them to offer a few selections of craft beers for an alternative beverage option. Staff was excellent and friendly service was amazing.

Mt. Boucherie Estate Winery – West Kelowna

Address: 829 Douglas Rd, West Kelowna, BC V1Z 1N9, Canada Main Phone: (778) 940-1526 Visit the Mt. Boucherie Estate Winery – West Kelowna Website View Mt. Boucherie Estate Winery – West Kelowna on Google Latitude: 49.8551603 Longitude: -119.5502667

Did you know that Mt. Boucherie Estate Winery – West Kelowna rates 4.5/5 based on 234 total ratings?

Reviews for Mt. Boucherie Estate Winery – West Kelowna
Herman Hansen Herman Hansen 5/5 a month ago Amazing Winery with great vibes and views! Danielle provided excellent customer service and did a great job explaining the wines. Every white and red wine she served was complex and so flavourful it was so difficult to choose which ones to buy! This is definitely a must stop on your wine tour!
Robyn G Robyn G 2/5 a month ago Went here for the first time just recently. Having lived in the okanagan for 10 years, I had to experience this winery finally. Beautiful modern building, with breathtaking views. However, I have to say, it was rather disappointing. Primarily the service we had received that day was not at all what we expected it to be. It felt unwelcoming, cold, and rushed. One of the cashiers seemed to be giving some sort of attitude towards us for no reason. After making a purchase, our tasting fee was also not waived – this typically doesn’t really bother me as much, but it was in fact the service that did. Unfortunately we will not be coming back.
Justin Coccimiglio Justin Coccimiglio 5/5 a week ago We had an amazing experience on our trip to my Boucherie!! Our wine connoisseur name was grant! He took us through the history of every grape and glass poured, his knowledge of the product was phenomenal and custom service was beyond exceptional !! Cheers grant we appreciate you!!!

Priest Creek Family Estate Winery

Address: 2555 Saucier Rd, Kelowna, BC V1W 4B7, Canada Main Phone: (250) 862-1010 Visit the Priest Creek Family Estate Winery Website View Priest Creek Family Estate Winery on Google Latitude: 49.8334399 Longitude: -119.4306421

Did you know that Priest Creek Family Estate Winery rates 4.9/5 based on 108 total ratings?

Reviews for Priest Creek Family Estate Winery
Cindy Mensies Cindy Mensies 5/5 a month ago Love this little winery…bought my first wine when they opened during Covid and haven’t looked back! All of their wines are AMAZING! Their wine club events are great … this year their rose is so lovely! If you haven’t been to this winery yet…make sure you do…it is worth the drive for the wine and the winery and the food truck! Congrats on making such a lovely place to come and visit,
Tyler Booth Tyler Booth 5/5 a month ago The staff is personable and amazing! greet me with a smile every time I come in! The wine is absolutely wonderful with a great variety and bold strong reds! The patio is wonderful and has sun from the moment they open to when they close, during the summer the combination of a nice bottle of wine with the on-site food truck there is no better place to be on a Saturday afternoon.
Jonathan Cameron Jonathan Cameron 5/5 in the last week Great little winery in quiet area of town. Fantastic food and even better wines! The staff are also very friendly and made it a very fun and relaxing experience
Photo Courtesy of: the hatch

the hatch

Address: 3225 Boucherie Rd, Kelowna, BC V1Z 2G9, Canada Main Phone: (778) 755-6013 Visit the the hatch Website View the hatch on Google Latitude: 49.845794 Longitude: -119.5594489

Did you know that the hatch rates 4.5/5 based on 461 total ratings?

Reviews for the hatch
Veronique Verreault Veronique Verreault 5/5 2 weeks ago Such a lovely spot to get a glass of wine before heading out to dinner! Love the branding of their wine, the local artist drawings on each bottle. You can get a bottle at the end and they take off the tasting price, which makes it very reasonable to grab a bottle at the end! Love the stable and the ambiance inside. Lots of local products to get. Must go!
Sarah Sarah 5/5 a month ago Had the best time tasting at Hatch. We arrived too late on Friday for a tasting so we came back on Sunday. The sun was shining so we set up outside and had the most engaging experience with Mikayla and Fran. The wines have really developed since they started. For sure a not to miss winery especially for those new to wine looking for a more fun and friendly tasting.
Cole Hendry Cole Hendry 5/5 in the last week Alexa was a great guide through these unique wines. We had such a good time, and signed up to be members of the winery. I would highly suggest going if you are planning a trip.
Photo Courtesy of: Indigenous World Winery

Indigenous World Winery

Address: 2218 Horizon Dr, West Kelowna, BC V1Z 3L4, Canada Main Phone: (250) 769-2824 Visit the Indigenous World Winery Website View Indigenous World Winery on Google Latitude: 49.8750626 Longitude: -119.5443241

Did you know that Indigenous World Winery rates 4.5/5 based on 232 total ratings?

Reviews for Indigenous World Winery
Casey Quesnelle Casey Quesnelle 5/5 3 weeks ago What a beautiful place. So many delicious wines created here. The staff are so welcoming, kind and informative. Views are spectacular and lots of space inside. Will definitely return!
Conner Clarke Conner Clarke 5/5 2 months ago Fantastic service and great wines/whiskey. Probably my favorite winery we went too. Would definitely recommend.
Ola Puppy Ola Puppy 5/5 10 months ago Love this winery! I have been a club member for two years and last week I was reminded why! Fantastic wines! The views are stunning and the service is always top knotch. Krista runs the member services and doesn’t miss a beat. I felt very proud to be a member and show off this beautiful winery to my friend on our last minute visit from the coast. Can’t wait to return!
Photo Courtesy of: Luísa Alvarez

Beaumont Family Estate Winery

Address: 2775 Boucherie Rd, Kelowna, BC V1Z 2G4, Canada Main Phone: (250) 769-1222 Visit the Beaumont Family Estate Winery Website View Beaumont Family Estate Winery on Google Latitude: 49.8581758 Longitude: -119.5548775

Did you know that Beaumont Family Estate Winery rates 4.4/5 based on 57 total ratings?

Reviews for Beaumont Family Estate Winery
Hillary Fraser Hillary Fraser 5/5 in the last week Excellent winery! Favourite of 10 we visited on our trip. The owner was extremely nice and generous. Can’t wait for our case to arrive! Cute selection of cheeses, spices etc.
Alfie Button Alfie Button 5/5 a year ago Lovely experience for my girlfriend and I. Ryan had a great knowledge of the wine selection and added an awesome sense of humour to the tasting. Would highly recommend visiting and checking out the musical equipment!
Flavio C. Flavio C. 5/5 a month ago Very nice surprise, their Gamay and iced wine are one of the best here. Their Pinot is very smooth, all organic. Very attentive and polite, had a great time there. Family owned 🇨🇦 Also other great Okanagan products are displayed there
Photo Courtesy of: Little Straw Vineyards

Little Straw Vineyards

Address: 2815 Ourtoland Rd, West Kelowna, BC V1Z 2H7, Canada Main Phone: (250) 769-0404 Visit the Little Straw Vineyards Website View Little Straw Vineyards on Google Latitude: 49.8570383 Longitude: -119.5593164

Did you know that Little Straw Vineyards rates 4.6/5 based on 134 total ratings?

Reviews for Little Straw Vineyards
blue benoit blue benoit 1/5 6 months ago Have been a loyal restaurant owner buying 10 c/s a year for 13 years! Just to find out there is no more wine to buy! The winery is in the process of being sold! Would have be nice to know what was going to happen! The wine rep did not know as well! not Impressed!
Boss Sales Boss Sales 5/5 a month ago Amazing! Service at our wine tasking was beyond expectations. Prices and wine are great. Would definitely recommend this place.
Poonam Randhawa Poonam Randhawa 5/5 10 months ago If your into lighter wines this winery carries BFF a lighter red which was a big hit. Skip the Qails Gates and Mission Hills of the world and support these quaint smaller wineries instead. Affordable and good wines 5 stars.
Photo Courtesy of: Rollingdale Winery Inc

Rollingdale Winery Inc

Address: 2306 Hayman Rd, West Kelowna, BC V1Z 1Z5, Canada Main Phone: (250) 769-9224 Visit the Rollingdale Winery Inc Website View Rollingdale Winery Inc on Google Latitude: 49.8695647 Longitude: -119.5444183

Did you know that Rollingdale Winery Inc rates 4.8/5 based on 151 total ratings?

Reviews for Rollingdale Winery Inc
Nicholas Beck Nicholas Beck 5/5 9 months ago Super small and intimate winery. Highly recommend coming here for a much more personalized and interactive wine tasting as opposed to the larger more commercialized operations.
Cynthia Rougoor Cynthia Rougoor 5/5 9 months ago We thought we would try to do a tasting at the modest winery. We were delighted to have such a knowledgeable and pleasant host. The wines were exceptional and we left with almost a full case of wine!! We will be back to restock next time we are in Kelowna.
Katie Heidt Katie Heidt 5/5 a week ago Loved their wines! This was the only winery out of the ten I visited where I shipped a box home. Their rose, and reisling-prosecco were especially good. Jess did our tasting and was so friendly and made our visit really fun.
Photo Courtesy of: Sperling Vineyards

Sperling Vineyards

Address: 1405 Pioneer Rd, Kelowna, BC V1W 4M6, Canada Main Phone: (778) 478-0260 Visit the Sperling Vineyards Website View Sperling Vineyards on Google Latitude: 49.8524556 Longitude: -119.4657583

Did you know that Sperling Vineyards rates 4.5/5 based on 115 total ratings?

Reviews for Sperling Vineyards
Jenna S Jenna S 5/5 a month ago What a lovely winery! It’s an old winery with the oldest vines in Kelowna. Our favourite part was that while we enjoyed a wine tasting, the kids loved playing in the shade on a play structure. It was perfect! We then ran through the labyrinth of vines. I highly recommend this winery, especially if you have kiddos who enjoy playgrounds.
bahram maleki bahram maleki 4/5 a year ago Oldest winery in Kelowna
Krista L. Krista L. 5/5 a week ago Wonderful winery with a rich history. Our guide, Sarah, was very friendly and knowledgeable. The wines are unique and tasty.
Photo Courtesy of: Grizzli Winery

Grizzli Winery

Address: 2550 Boucherie Rd, Kelowna, BC V1Z 2E6, Canada Main Phone: (250) 769-6789 Visit the Grizzli Winery Website View Grizzli Winery on Google Latitude: 49.863631 Longitude: -119.555604

Did you know that Grizzli Winery rates 3.8/5 based on 261 total ratings?

Reviews for Grizzli Winery
Kathy N Kathy N 2/5 a week ago Outdoor event was freezing due to wind. Many people left after the first set. Could have been moved to the sheltered courtyard even. Patrons indoors extremely rude when we used washroom and went inside to defrost between sets. On a positive note, it was nice to be able to taste the 3 red wines available for sale inside before buying a bottle at the outdoor wind tunnel.
myriam therien myriam therien 1/5 a month ago The architecture is impressive from outside, but that’s it! Wide space, but they didn’t know how to create an ambiance. The wine tasting… do not go! just do not go! Save the time, the money and your taste buds! Unfortunately for them and us, the wine is terrible. Hard to describe, but with no doubt the worst wines I have tasted so far. I wish them luck in the improvement of their products.
Angela G Angela G 4/5 6 months ago The Christmas Market tonight had a wide variety of local business’s. From beautiful hand made jewelry, bath bombs, crafts, fragrant soaps, cookies to hand knitted items. Plus you can also enjoy some wine tasting for yourself and sparkling fruit beverages for your youngsters. Outside had a food truck serving delicious cinnamon and glazed donuts with coffee and hot chocolate. There was also a Christmas Market outside, selling clothing and more delicious treats. You can stay warm around a fire pit while listening to some Christmas music. Wonderful Christmas light display. There is also another Christmas Market inside the back building selling delicious baked goods, fruitful jams, and salsa from a local business. You can find some toys for youngsters, we were also fortunate to see Santa and have a wonderful picture taken. Outside could use a couple more fire pits. We enjoyed a wonderful night out with some wonderful people and great ambience.
Photo Courtesy of: Mirabel Vineyards

Mirabel Vineyards

Address: 3740 Hart Rd, Kelowna, BC V1W 4G6, Canada Main Phone: (250) 317-6811 Visit the Mirabel Vineyards Website View Mirabel Vineyards on Google Latitude: 49.8476966 Longitude: -119.4236398

Did you know that Mirabel Vineyards rates 5/5 based on 23 total ratings?

Reviews for Mirabel Vineyards
Reed Paladeau Reed Paladeau 5/5 in the last week Tried the 2018 & 2016 Pinot noir
Krysten Ververda Krysten Ververda 5/5 10 months ago We went on a winery tour to a few different wineries and Mirabel was by far my favourite. The tastiest wine and such amazing story. Our guide, Sophia, was so personal and engaging with her story. I’m so impressed with the whole experience!! I recommend stopping at this winery by far. And if you’re lucky enough to top your experience off with Sophia, you will have the best time!
Pamela Mejia Pamela Mejia 5/5 10 months ago Super sweet winery.. Pure Jem! Spontaneously popped by to check it out and Sophia was extremely kind and welcoming.. quickly bought a bottle of their Chardonnay and was given a Quick sip as one is strongly urged to have a reservation being a small vineyard.. nonetheless my 5 min interaction was divine. I tried a full glass later on it was fantastic! Will be back!

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