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About Us

Here at Beach Bum Tours Ltd., we aim to create a laid-back, relaxed and fun way to learn about the wine, beer and spirits created in the Okanagan Valley. We wanted to mix the best of the Okanagan, combining the beach lifestyle with wine/beer/spirits culture. 

All of our tours are fun-focused! We aim to make sure you have the best experience while getting to know the wines of our beautiful region.  We also feature beer and spirit tasting with tours to Kelowna’s unique, local microbreweries and spirit distilleries. We have partnered up with local business to have a multitude of different tour packages that include wine/spirits/beer along with wake surfing, boating, paddle boarding and yoga.  Enjoy touring our Valley the Beach Bum way!

Get in the Van

Meet Your Guide

Hi!  My name is Krystina, Chief Beach Bum here at Beach Bum Tours Ltd.  Let me tell you a little about myself and where this company came from. With over a decade long professional sales and marketing experience, along with an education from Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET), Beach Bum Tours LTD was born from so many people reaching out to me to start something more unique, relaxing and fun while mixing the love of the Okanagan beach lifestyle. I wanted to developed personalized tours, extra hands-on treatment of all my guests, which adds fun and entertaining value to each tour.  My love and knowledge of the Okanagan region’s wine shines through with (what I’m told) is an outgoing and firecracker personality! To me, every tour is a celebration!

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