Charcuterie Lunches

I’ve started to add charcuterie lunches to my Kelowna wine tours as I’ve found that many of my guests need a little something to eat along the tour and sometimes they just don’t want to do the fancy winery restaurants (no offence to the fancy winery restaurants, you guys are awesome and I love you!).  So I reached out to my friends at Arrowleaf Winery to see if I could reserve one of their beautiful picnic tables for my tours and set up my picnic lunches for my guests as they taste wine!  And they let me!  David at Arrowleaf is one of the coolest guys and he’s helped me get my groove on with these charcuteries I’ve been making.  The first couple of times I had to learn how much people ate!  Now I’m getting my charcuterie groove on and love making these!  Iv’e been working with many local places to supply my olive oils and balsamic vintagers, jellies, antipastos, pickles veggies etc.  I love wine, but I sure love food too!  So to mix this on my tours has been amazing!

Here are a couple links to the places I love to use:

Olive Us – Lake Country and Vernon

Oyama Sunblush – Lake Country

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