Booze Cruise Day!

I did my first Booze Cruise, where we visit breweries, wineries, distilleries and a cidery.  This group was such a blast!  It’s a very different feel than a wine tour to be honest.  This seemed even more laid back but louder, while the guys insisted on listening to rap music, the girls sang along.  In this group I did have a few beer connoisseurs with a couple even brewing their own beers at home.  As I personally don’t drink beer, it was great to see these guys really enjoy the breweries I took them to, get them engaged with the owners and just have an all around good time!  Lesson on this tour: maybe don’t stop at a winery at the end of the day, someone will knock over a garbage can.  Mixing all these types of alcohol definitely gets you buzzed for the day!

Places we visited:

RedBird Brewery

Urban Distillery

BNA Brew

BC Tree Cider

Intrigue Wines

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