A Proposal Tour!!!

I’m pretty sure that this tour will go down as one of the BEST Kelowna wine tours I’ve ever done!  A lovely girl named Taylor (we are now friends) called to book a tour for herself, her boyfriend of 5 years, her mama and mama’s BFF.  Didn’t really think anything of it, until the call came in.  Tracy (Tay’s mama) called me up to let me know Charles was going to propose on the tour!  He needed help, was nervous and needed a little guiding.  So I jumped on that opportunity, laid out the day and told him right off the bat to relax, enjoy the day and I will let him know when… And I took the ring.  That sucker burned in my bag as I was acutely aware of the huge responsibility places in my hands.

So pick the small group up at the hotel, and start the day like I do with all my tours, chatting, laughing and talking wine.  First winery comes, the Chase, and Taylor mentions that someone who has been together WAY shorter than her and Charles, are talking like marriage.  “Where’s my ring?  If they get engaged before me, I’m gonna loose it!”  is what I heard… I laughed inside.  And the best part is all the wineries knew what was happening too!  (I just couldn’t keep it to myself on that one!)

Next stop, Intrigue Wines, where they have a whole display and delicious bubbly dedicated to weddings!  I could see the envy in Taylor’s eyes, wondering when it would be her turn.  And, of course, add wine, so the subtlety was not there.  She had NO idea what was about to go down that day.

The next winery, one of my absolute favourites, Arrowleaf Cellars, was the place it was going down!  I brought them in for their private tasting, set up their charcuterie picnic lunch overlooking the vineyard and waited for the right moment.  after lunch, more wine and chitter chatter, I told the couple we should take some photos of them with the views behind.  Oh, and I had some Wildblume Bubbly brought to them with the amazing help of the staff.  My good friend, Michelle, who is a photographer, slid in at the right time and caught the whole thing!  Charles got down on one knee as Tay saw the ring in the glass and started to cry!  We all did!  It was such a beautiful and amazing moment!

Michelle took pictures for them as they soaked up this experience and moment in their lives.  So much excitement!  We went back to the other wineries to show the ring off and tell them how it went.  After that, we all went to my house for a BBQ, which I do try not to bring tours home, but this was so special!  We celebrated all night, Tay and Charles called relatives and friends to let them know as we listened to awesome music, had all the neighbours come and congratulate them.

This will forever go down as one of the best!

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