First Few Tours Under My Belt?

I’ve completed my first few Kelowna wine tours, which were awesome!  I never thought I would love doing what I do.  Developing this company was definitely a challenge, learning about all the legalities of starting a tour company, getting my name out there, trying to get people to GET IN THE VAN.  But, I started small and slow and now I’m on a roll!  People are finding mainly on Instagram or Facebook, or just seeing the Van.  The Van says it all!

The first time I had people I didn’t know get in the van was nerve-wrecking!  But I knew that I planned a great day for them, tasting wines from Lake Country, my hometown.  Lake Country has these amazing wineries that specialize in more aromatic whites, with complimenting light reds like Pinot Noir, Zweigelt and Merlot. We are best known for our Pinto Gris, which is the most grown grape in the Okanagan Valley!

I feel so blessed to have this amazing support from the community I live in along with the people who have been my “ginny pigs” while I iron out the way I want the days to go. My passion for taking people around, sharing my knowledge of this amazing wine region, getting to know them has been such a dream!

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