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A long trail of pristine water that shimmers in the light with a new zest of life, the beautiful Okanagan Lake is located at the southern interior side of British Columbia, Canada.

It is the largest lake in the Okanagan Valley with a depth reaching 250m and widest width being 6 kms, extending up to 135 km in length. Around its shores, Vernon, Lake Country, Kelowna, West Kelowna, Peachland, Summerland, and Penticton are the cities that call Okanagan Lake their own.

The lake is also famous for a mythological being named Ogopogo, celebrated throughout the region as a friendly creature. There have been reports about its sightings throughout history, however, it widely remains a highly-celebrated myth.

Kelowna pontoon boat cruises are the most popular tour options. The lake itself acts as a hub for boat charters, boat tours, and a perfect choice for a sunset cruise in the summer. You can explore the wide waters and admire the mesmerizing view of downtown Kelowna and Bennett Bridge.

The Okanagan offers several award-winning wineries that flourish across the region and Kelowna BC. Overall, it is an exceptionally beautiful destination for boat tours and water sports.

Pontoon Boat Rentals in Kelowna

Beach Bum Tours is a prestigious company that offers tour packages of different designs. From exploring the authentic wineries to charismatic private picnics and astounding boat tours, you have everything under a single roof.

The Pontoon Boat Rental with Beach Bum Tours is a great option when looking for Kelowna cruises. You can enjoy yourself on a great pontoon boat to explore on your own lake lounge. It can fit 12 passengers on a single tour and your captain is provided for you.

More importantly, it offers highly feasible pricing, starting at $295 per hour for Kalamalka Lake and Okanagan Lake. You can schedule three to six hours of a boat tour to make your day great. We offer a certified and professional captain for the service to make sure you and your group are always safe.

You will also discover convenient pickup and drop off points for a favourable experience. For lunch, a barbecue is on board for you to cook some burgers and snacks on their lake tours. Overall, they are one of the best boat rentals Kelowna for fun cruises in Okanagan Lake, Kalamalka Lake, or Wood Lake.

Okanagan Lake Boat Tours

Boat tours in Lake Okanagan are one of the primary attractions of the valley. You can choose pontoon boats, cruise boats, and several other modules according to your requirements. More importantly, there are flexible plans and packages.

For lake tours, you can choose the standard three hours, or combine a boat and winery tour in the same day. Beach Bum Tours is one of the boat tour companies, with flexible pick up and drop off options. You can also choose a flexible number of people per cruise from a minimum of 4 up to 12 people.

There is a wide range of fun activities one can cherish during Okanagan Lake tours. Boat rentals in Kelowna allow you to enjoy waterskiing, waterboarding, surfing, paragliding, and diving. For exotic wedding occasion and celebrations, cruises or boat charters are available.

Explore Kelowna BC from a new angle of the waters on a relaxing boat cruise on a hot day or even a sunset cruise on beautiful Okanagan Lake. There are many public events and celebrations taking place in different seasons, so guests will always have extravagant experience.

About Kelowna

Kelowna is a city located at the shores of Okanagan Lake that blends modern lifestyle with nature, enriched with culture. Blessed with astounding mountains, shimmering lakes, and lush orchards and vineyards.

The richness of the lake bestows Kelowna with fertile soil to cultivate orchards and vineyards, making it customary to have a wine tour in any season. Furthermore, the serene beaches and mesmeric pine forest enchants the region.

The region is popular as Okanagan Valley due to the expansive size of lake (135 km, or 84 miles) from north to south, located in British Columbia. It experiences a semi-arid climate, therefore, making summers warm and long while winters are short.

Kelowna is the largest settlement in the Okanagan valley. It is a tourist hotspot that never seems to lose its convenience and comfort. Even during the busiest of seasons, it retains a certain calmness in its ambiance.

It offers several fantastic options to the visitors. Due to its cultural blend, there is a collection of museums, casinos, art studios, galleries and much more. You will find several fascinating shops and markets, and enjoy the leisure of fine dining or cafes.

Due to its beaches and the beautiful setting of Okanagan Lake, you can enjoy water-relative activities like surfing, water-skiing, swimming and boating in Kelowna. Kelowna boat cruises with Beach Bum Tours are very famous for offering a fun experience of the local lake tours.

You also get to witness a different side of Kelowna during winters when it becomes a hub for outdoor adventures like skiing, snowmobile and much more. It is also a prevailing region for award-winning wineries. Therefore, it offers several ravishing and splendid tour options. It is also popular for its Wine Festivals in different seasons which indulge people into winemaking and tasting activities and tours.

So choose a perfect boat rental in Kelowna and embark on a fulfilling adventure.

Host an amazing party on a Kelowna pontoon boat cruise or sit back and enjoy your boat tour with your whole family on a sunset cruise. Perhaps go tubing along with your friends or dinner with your better half.

Beach Bum Pontoon Boat tours will always welcome customers to offer a fun and comfortable time. Book your Pontoon tour today with Beach Bum Tours.

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