West Kelowna Wineries

The Okanagan valley is a world-famous destination for wines. With over 120 wineries and around 200 vineyards in its Kelowna region, it ranks amongst the top wine destinations in the world. Further contributing to its allure is the Canadian charm of British Columbia.

West Kelowna houses around ten prominent wineries that offer a captivating view and elevating experience. Some of them stand amongst the top wineries listing in Canada. Here is the list to mark on your map when experiencing a West Kelowna Wine Tour.

Quails Gate

Quails Gate offers a great view of Lake Okanagan. It’s vineyards are known to offer the best wines and varietals that will help you taste delicious life in a bottle. It is an award-winning site that has been producing wines for over three generations.

There is also a food & wine option available in The Old Vines Restaurant, one of the top 100 Canadian restaurants. Quails Gate produce wines like Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Merlot, Syrah, Cab Sauv, and Reisling Icewine.

Mt. Boucherie Winery

The vineyard received its name from the iconic extinct volcano of West Kelowna, popular as a geographic landmark for people. It is located at the eastern side of the volcano Mount Boucherie, easily found on the map of Kelowna.

It produces one of the fantastic quality of red, white and ice wines across British Columbia. Reflecting the quality of BC in their bottles, they have receives awards for their production.

Mission Hill Family Estate Winery

The Mission Hill Family Estate Winery is famous as a retreat from the hustle-bustle of the modern lifestyle. With brilliant architecture, lush greenery and exquisite wines, it has won The Winery Of The Year Award for 2019 as a West Kelowna winery. 

Estate Winery is full of events like the Festival of Trees and Culinary Classes. The Terrace Restaurant is certainly sumptuous with delicious food. They also offer a unique collection of wines, defined under their categories like Legacy, Estate, Reserve and Terroir.

Volcanic Hills Winery

Located on Boucherie Road, Volcanic Hills Winery is known for producing Pinot Noir, Viognier and Rose wine. They have a tasting room, a restaurant and outdoor patio where you can taste the finest wine and lip-smacking food.

The authentic taste of wines originates from the vineyards at the southeastern slope of Mount Boucherie. Their eco-friendly methods for the production of wines with minimal use of chemicals certainly offer the essence of Okanagan captured inside the bottles. 

The Hatch

The Hatch offers a unique approach which distinguishes it from wineries West Kelowna. They have creative names and a flamboyant vibe going with their theme. While other wines maintain a standard, this winery has a niche of its own and is quickly becoming a must see stop if you are part of a tour. 

Ranking among the top 20 wineries in Canada, they offer classic and innovative wine options. You can stay mesmerized over the artwork and you can enjoy the food for an experience like no other.

Off the Grid Organic Winery

A little organic winery that offers a variety of Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer, Riesling, and Rose wine. The winery matches its name with a simplistic architecture and a farm-house like appeal. It is really off the grip of the map of Winery Kelowna or Boucherie.

It houses goats, chickens and other farm animals and falls on the West Kelowna wine trail. With a scenic view of the Lake Okanagan, it offers a pleasant experience in Boucherie.

Rollingdale Winery

Located at the Lakeview Heights of West Kelowna, Rollingdale is another organic winery. To prove its authenticity, it has received the official organic certificate.

While they offer different varieties of wines, their Icewines is most popular. They also offer a location for events like weddings. It is an ideal picnic spot to enjoy with your family.

Niche Winery

Niche Winery offers a great trip with McDougal Rim Trail, fitting for biking adventures. It takes about 15 minutes from downtown Kelowna to reach Niche. They specialize in Pinot Noir but also known for Gewürztraminers, Rosés, and Fochs.

The most enticing aspect of this place is that there isn’t any latest machinery or equipment under work here. All of the wines are completely hand-crafted after getting handpicked carefully.

Indigenous Winery

A great blend of culture, history, land and wine, this is the first Indigenous-owned winery. It mixes the Syilx culture with modern traditions to bring an unmatched taste.

You can easily visit if from south of Okanagan or West of Kelowna due to its connection with Highway 97, easy to find on the map. More importantly, the indigenous based food menu, and enticing events make it one of the must-visit wineries of Kelowna.

Grizzli Winery

The architecture of Tuscany region from Italy, and world-class red, white and Icewines is the profile of Grizzli Winery. It is one of the history-rich locations that you should definitely visit.

This is one of the wineries Kelowna has become visible on the map. It can be a great place to start or end your tour. Their restaurant and vineyards are must-visit for a great experience.

World-class Wine Tasting and Tourism

From the astonishing Quails Gate to a little organic winery in Boucherie, West Kelowna is full of wineries to see. Beach Bum Tours offers custom private wine tours and packages to take you to the best vineyards from Lake Country to Naramata Bench in the south.

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