Wine touring in the heart of the Okanagan Valley

Considering booking the best wine tours in Kelowna? Find out why wine tasting is a must-do activity in Kelowna and nearby cities. Why choose Okanagan Valley as your next wine destination? Because it is not only about drinking some of the best wines in the world. Okanagan Valley is an underrated wine region with a lot to offer from a historical, cultural, natural, and gastronomical point of view.

best wine tours in kelownaThe love for wine is overflowing across the Okanagan Valley and its small cities Kelowna, West Kelowna, Lake Country, Summerland and more. These places keep some of the country’s best and most passionate sommeliers, wine bloggers and wine lovers who want to stay updated with the latest wine finds, grape varieties, gastronomy, and wine pairing and wine reviews. If you decide that your next adventure will be booking private wine tours Kelowna, prepare yourself for the experience of a lifetime. 

Kelowna wine tours will offer you the best this region owns as it is located in the heart of Okanagan Valley. Beautiful and breathtaking wine tours around the shores of Okanagan Lake, having fun with your family and friends and combing the wine tourism with adventure activities like boat sailing or stand-up paddle-boarding is definitely a way of having stories to share with your friends and colleagues. While on Kelowna wine tours, learn about the distinctive growing conditions for grapes and the exquisite reasons that form a base for producing some of the region’s most quality wines. 

West Kelowna wine tours will allow you to check some of the region’s oldest vineyards and wineries, spread on the western shores of Okanagan Lake. Here all of your touring moments will turn into a lifelong memory and a beautiful story to share when you return home. If you are into rural architecture, scenic lake views and all the stunning hidden secrets a countryside can offer, then West Kelowna wine tours are the right choices for you. Why not book a trip for your loved ones and enjoy spending time wine tasting and having fun on the Westside? 

Are you in for a treat? Lake Country wine tours are designed to set you up for the adventure in the stunning lakeside setting that attracts tourists and locals all over the country. You can find some of the tastiest pairings for your perfect meal in Lake Country’s wineries. Be prepared to change your usual preferences as you will be surprised by the unique taste of some wine brands you still haven’t heard of. Moreover, if you are a sunny person, this place receives more than 2.000 hours of sunshine per year so you can enjoy the beautiful weather while providing your palate with a finger-licking mixture of smells and tastes. 

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