Why Wine Touring in Okanagan Valley Should Be on Your Bucket List?

‘’Do not worry and pour yourself a glass of wine!’’ Yeah, some people find the solution to their problems in a sip of citrus-taste Chardonnay or a peppery aftertaste of Syrah. There is something romantic and captivating about drinking wine at home, sitting next to the window, glaring outside in the distance, contemplating life, alone or with someone.

Researches have proven that drinking wine has numerous benefits for your health and wellbeing. And it can be an excellent stress management tactic after a long day at work.

So why not treat yourself or someone you love with booking one of our Kelowna wine tours in this amazing region this year?

If you have never tried wine touring, this is the opportunity to be bold and to join millions of people who are enjoying spending their vacation by visiting vineyards and wineries, tasting different wines and exploring the life of a specific wine-growing region. This year you can be the one who will traverse across the Canadian Okanagan Valley, enjoying the magnificent view of the narrow shores during the West Kelowna wine tours or encountering a pure joy of wine tasting during the Lake Country wine tours. Enjoy the first sip of some of the world’s most praised wines surrounded by the natural landscape of mountains, valley, and lakes. 

Kelowna is a more significant urban setting among the small settlements in the Okanagan Valley and is known to be the origin place of the winemaking in this part of the region. You can find some of the largest wineries in the area here with a few places to sit and taste the best what the city can offer. Despite its size, it will leave an unforgettable mark on your senses with its perfect combination of a vibrant atmosphere meddled with a gentle and charming city lifestyle.

After some time spent here, you will respect the wineries who are pruning and prepping their grapes to produce some of the most excellent wines in the world. Enjoy Kelowna wine tours and the striking images that will stay with you and your co-travelers for years to come. 

Spectacular scenery, crisp, refreshing taste of a Pinot Gris, the mouthwatering flavour of Cabernet Franc, exciting adventure and permanent memories are the reason why you should consider wine touring in Okanagan Valley as your next vacation activity.

For more Kelowna wine tour packages, contact the team at Beach Bum Tours as they offer you both fun and idyllic atmosphere and a chance to learn about the winemaking process and wine tourism history of the region all at once. Why not combine wine tasting with sailing or wine checking with surfing lessons? Learn about the history of winemaking while cruising around Wood Lake. For fearless girls, there is an option of learning pole-dancing while tasting the best region’s wines.

Find out why their tours are praised for being the best wine tours in Kelowna and enjoy the tour adventure you have never experienced in your life. Beach Bum Tours are pioneers when it comes to providing pleasure, experience, nature admiring, and wine tasting.

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