Why Hiring the Okanagan’s Premiere Adventure Wine Tour Company Makes Grape Sense

There’s nothing like kicking back at a wine tasting, while sipping and savouring the sensual notes of a fine Merlot. Or tantalizing your senses with exuberant aromas of tropical fruit and vanilla, relishing in the rich, full-bodied smoothness of a Chardonnay. 

But have you ever invested hours of time and thousands of dollars in planning for an exciting wine tour adventure only to be disappointed by your travel experience?

This article details the reasons you should consider Adventure Wine Tour CompanyBeach Bum Tours, for your next scenic wine tour adventure in the beautiful Okanagan Valley! 

Located in southern central British Columbia, you’ll find sun-drenched grapes growing in hundreds of vineyards across the Okanagan Valley. 

And for good reason ~ as the Okanagan Valley is recognized world-wide as BC’s premier grape-growing region. It is one of the warmest regions in all of Canada. According to Wines of BC, the Okanagan Valley boasts 84% of the province’s vineyard acreage .

World renowned for its award-winning wines and Wine Trails, you’ll discover everything from family-owned boutique vineyards to world-class wineries in the Okanagan region. You will LOVE the rich, sensorial succulence of your wine-tasting adventures, as the Okanagan Valley consistently ranks amongst the world’s best at international competitions (https://winebc.com/discover-bc-wine-country/okanagan-valley). You will be equally impressed by the geographical beauty and breath-taking panoramas the Okanagan has to offer. 

With wine tasting opportunities abounding year-round, it’s not hard to see why the Okanagan Valley is a popular travel destination. Home to Merlots, Pinots, Chardonnays, Cabernet Franc, Sauvignon Blanc, Rieslings, Syrah and Gewurztraminer, the region is sure to tickle your taste buds with its full array of fine wines! You’ll find literally hundreds of wineries dotting Lake Country, Kelowna, W. Kelowna, Summerland and Penticton’s Naramata Bench.

Hiring Beach Bum Tours Allows You To:

Shave HOURS OFF your travel planning time

We’ve all had the unenviable experience of spending hours conducting on-line research. Consult MapQuest? Check. Compare flight costs? Check. Plan our itinerary? Check. 

What happens when we realize that we hadn’t planned adequate time in one area, or when we allotted more time than necessary in another? 

Have you ever had the disagreeable experience of investing big chunks of time combing through countless websites, reviewing all there is to see and do in a region of your choice, only to be stumped with how to cull together an awesome travel plan?

By hiring Krystina, Chief Beach Bum at Beach Bum Tours, you get the benefit of saving yourself significant time. She’s designed exquisite experiences especially for you and yours. You get to just show up in all of your glory and simply ENJOY! 

She takes all of the guess work out of vacation planning, allowing you to simply sip and savor those delectable adventurous wine tour experiences. Your memories are sure to last a LIFETIME!

Benefit from the wealth of knowledge and professional experience they possess in the Okanagan Wine industry

When we are in new, uncharted territory, we don’t usually have the benefit of knowing the lay of the land. We haven’t a clue of what’s hot to trot, and what’s not. 

Even though it’s fun to play the trial and error game, a good tour company offers us peace of mind. It gives us the reassurance we need that our travel dollars are being spent in the most judicious ways possible. It maximizes the likelihood that we will enjoy our experience to the max.

And isn’t this precisely why we are moved to create a great adventure in the first place? 

Beach Bum Tours has test-driven the landmarks as one of the leading adventure wine tour company in Okanagan Valley. They know the lay of the land. 

They have the benefit of witnessing first-hand how their guests enjoy the Kelowna wine tours. Beach Bum Tours can tweak their various tour programs to perfection. They are adept at enhancing and deepening their clients’ level of enjoyment. This allows you, the wine aficionado, to mitigate your risk, while focusing on your FUN!

This means you get to enjoy a smooth experience, fuss-free.

Translation? You get to just CHILL and enjoy yourself!

Take advantage of all the partnerships and alliances that Beach Bum Tours has forged in the community

What if you were to invest time and energy in researching all there is to do in the Okanagan? Is there a guarantee that the choices you commit to will please you?

Nope, right?

Well, Tour guide Krystina at Beach Bum Tours has taken the time to get to know the players in the tourism and wine industry. 

This Adventure Wine Tour company has been around. They’ve invested a lot of time and energy in vetting the best wineries and adventure experiences from those that are more, shall we say, mediocre. 

They’ve spent a significant amount of time creating adventures for all your special occasions, designing and delivering tour packages which include wake surfing, boating, paddle boarding, yoga and others. 

What’s more, they’ve developed relationships with local business. Beach Bum Tours make it their business to stay abreast of developments in the tourism and wine industry. They have the insider scoop on who offers the best. 

As a result, Krystina’s business partners have a vested interest in giving you the first-rate experience you deserve!

You get to be the beneficiary of their wealth of knowledge and invaluable experience. And if something unforeseen happens during your wine tour, you can rely upon their expertise, creative flair and resourcefulness to save the day! 

Net result? You can be confident you’ll get a top-rate experience that spells sheer FUN and unadulterated bliss! 

Your only responsibility? To enrapture yourself in the deliciousness of the experience!

What are you waiting for?

Can’t you just taste the sublime succulence of that Sauvignon Blanc now, its crisp, refreshing dryness flirting seismically with all those fruity flavours splashing in your mouth?

To embark upon your tantalizing wine tour adventure in the Okanagan, book with Beach Bum Tours NOW!

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