Your wine tour adventure starts in Kelowna

Kelowna is the perfect place if you want to learn more about wine culture and the history of winemaking in the Okanagan Valley. Possessing over 80% of the province’s vineyard ground, it is the premier wine region of British Columbia and perfect for booking one of our Kelowna Wine Tours.

Kelowna is the birthplace of the BC wine industry, and it owns a rich historical perspective on winemaking, having its first grape being planted in 1859 by Father Charles Pandosy. Fast forward, 160 years after, a region is blooming with smaller and bigger wineries, emerging to conquer the local and international market. And with much success.

On a world scale, this is the mecca for ice wines, sparkling wines, Chardonnay, Syrah, Pinot Gris, and Riesling. Maybe you wonder how this area became the BC’s leading grape-growing region. The answer lies in the proper and solid foundation as long before wines, the place was famous for its agricultural activities. After growing fruits, making wine seemed like a logical choice.

If you have already checked some of the Kelowna Tour Packages, you could see that some of them include sightseeing the wineries on the slopes of the Okanagan Valley, overlooking the mesmerizing lake and Kelowna city. Can you imagine a more relaxing and fulfilling time than enjoying the Kelowna wine tours with your family or friends, tasting some of the best region’s wines and having a blast?

Kelowna will surprise with its wealthy background and warming citizens who enjoy sharing the stories about the town or discussing what wine is the best one. Here you can ask questions without fearing you will look uneducated or dumb. The locals will be more than happy to answer your questions over a glass of some of the most excellent Canadian wines.

While being recognized as the leading winemaking city, Kelowna is not the only one who can offer you a delightful time. You can find Lake Country and West Kelowna closed by with the same-level wineries and hospitality the Canadians are known for. Let the Lake Country wine tours immerse you in their mixture of outstanding white wines and exceptional pinot noirs, make unforgettable memories while savouring the lake-views and relax by releasing the foodie in you to enjoy life, smells and tastes.

If you want to discover the western shores and hillsides of Okanagan Lake, then West Kelowna wine tours are just what you need, with its never-ending hills of orchards and an appropriate level of rural sophistication you will embrace after wandering around their local vineyards and family-run wineries.

When in the situation of not knowing what to give to someone you love, consider the best wine tours in Kelowna as your present this year. At Beach Bum Tours, the mission is to offer travelers a unique and unforgettable holiday filled with fun and amusement at affordable prices. There is an option of private wine tours Kelowna if you want to appreciate what a place has to offer in an intimate and cozy atmosphere. Contact Beach Bum Tours for a tailored adventure that suits your needs and senses.

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