Best Locations For Your Next Wine Tasting Trip

Wine has evolved to be an essential part of our diet and culture. First, the winemaking emerged in Europe, but it expanded to other parts of the world, and now more than 60 countries produce and cultivate different wine cultures. Canada’s wines have gained a high and respectful level of followers from all around the world who are still surprised that a country, covered in snow for more than seven months, can produce some of the world’s best wines.

Wine is like no other product because it tells a story about the local inhabitants, local cultures, and the quality of vineyards. It connects people, their taste, and their customs. You do not need to be a wine enthusiast or oenophile to enjoy and appreciate an excellent wine tasting in a friendly atmosphere. And you can receive some of the best sensory evaluation of a vibrant wine culture in is Canada’s second-largest wine-producing area, the Okanagan Valley. 

Little more than 8.600 acres of vineyard planted in Okanagan Valley produces more than 80% of all wines in British Columbia. If you want to check some of the top-notch, oldest, and most charming vineyards and wineries, you should consider small cities in Okanagan Valley for your next wine tasting trip.

You can find some of the best Kelowna wine tours, on the eastern shore of Okanagan Lake. Kelowna wine tours are considered to be the most entertaining and insightful outdoor activities to do when visiting this part of the country. Even if you stayed in Vancouver, it is only a couple of hours drive to the Okanagan Lake that will leave you breathless with its blue crystal water and landscape of pine forest, orchards and mountains.

If you want to celebrate a special occasion in a unique way, there are always private wine tours Kelowna you can select for your ideal activity. Imagine sailing on iconic Okanagan Lake or lazy paddling on the romantic lake roads – or having a tailored wine experience tour made just for your where you can enjoy eating local food and tasting some of the best wines and beers a region can offer. 

If you want to check several lakes in the close vicinity, then Lake Country wine tours can offer just a taste of adventure you need. What characterizes the natural environment of this place is the beautiful landscape and rich cultural roots you can explore while wine tasting and listening about winemaking in this part of the region.

If you want to explore the western shores of the Okanagan Valley, West Kelowna wine tours will take you to the stunning community of amazing people, authentic gastronomy and yummy wines that will soothe your soul. Combine that with an energetic outdoor activity, and you have a memory, you will cherish the whole life. 

If you want to experience something different, check out the offer of Beach Bum Tours who specialized in bringing together the educational aspect of wine touring with fun activities for your family and friends. Their Kelowna wine tour packages are made for every pocket. Learn why wine culture is booming in Okanagan Valley.

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