Okanagan is the next Canadian Napa Valley

More than thousands of miles north of Napa Valley lies the homeland of winemaking in British Columbia, Okanagan Valley. With its dry and sunny climate and stunning lakeside scenery, the place is praised for some of the world’s most elite wine destinations in the country.

Just a four-hour drive from Vancouver is attracting more and more travellers to explore the region of over 130 locally-owned wineries, situated around or near the breathtaking 135km-long Okanagan Lake. Not long ago this place was a home of less than 30 family-run wine companies, but today there has been a gold rush of more and more young and ambitious people who are starting their own businesses in Canada’s heartland of winemaking.

Must-see places to visit when exploring the Okanagan Valley are Kelowna, Lake Country, and Summerland. There you can find some of the best wine and adventure tours in this part of the country. If you love music, wine, and food, you will be amazed by the offer and atmosphere that shapes the lives of their residents.

Although not well-known to the foreigners, it is a favourite summer escape for the Canadians. Especially the city of Kelowna that pairs its tasty pinots and rosés and stunning scenery into pure perfection. If you want to have memories of life, check out some of the best Kelowna wine tours.

Kelowna wine tours will leave you breathless with its memorable wine flavours, from its sun-dried reds to the fresh and vibrant whites. Even if wine is not your first choice of drink, you will be surprised by their naturally fermented taste. If you opt to visit a different vacation spot this year, Okanagan Valley should be on the top of your bucket list.

While Kelowna wine tours are definitely the main reason for attracting tourists year-round, there are plenty of other activities you can check while visiting. Still, do not miss the opportunity to check out some of the world-class vineyards. If you are up for a more intimate atmosphere with your family or friends, you have the option of using private wine tours Kelowna where you can enjoy the taste and countryside surrounded by your loved ones.

Hiring the professional Okanagan Valley tour operator will you to create the perfect combination of fun, adventure, and wine tasting. So why not hire the best players in this field?

Beach Bum Tours are leaders in creating personalized wine tours for people who want to enjoy a laid-back ride while having fun with their family and friends. All Kelowna wine tour packages are user-oriented, shaped according to your wishes and preferences, and aimed to provide an enjoyable atmosphere and opportunity to learn about the exquisite history of winemaking in this part of the country. Apart from Kelowna, you can also find Lake Country wine tours and West Kelowna wine tours with the same level of entertainment, wine tasting, and learning experience you will remember for the rest of your life. Indulge your love for good wine and exciting adventure by touring the Okanagan Valley with Beach Bum Tours.

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